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One Actor, 10 Characters,
Story Theater Beyond Measure
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“Imperfect Gentlemen” is a one-man show about how a family reacts when their father comes out as a transgender woman. The performance is recommended for ages 14 and up due to strong language and adult themes.


“Imperfect Gentlemen” is created by Ben Moffat and Bradley Wayne Smith and performed by Ben Moffat. The work is based on events from Moffat’s life and how his father decided to live as a woman in the early 1980s. The show explores how different family members react to the change, the forces that shape our identities, and the plasticity and durability of personality. Performed in a unique style that blends storytelling with theatrical elements, the show utilises costumes, props and projections of family photos.



















What audiences say:

"Imperfect Gentleman" was phenomenal on so many levels and there is so much that I could say about it. To Honolulu's theatre community, please go see this show and be inspired to create original work that is poignant and relevant." 

Moses Goods, actor and playwright

I want to thank you for being brave and generous: brave in undertaking the public introspection of what your father’s journey meant to you, and brave in baring your heart so genuinely to the audience. Generous in sharing your talent and effort in convincingly portraying the multiple characters.


You gave me much to think about! As you portrayed the many perspectives, I recognized bits and pieces of characters’ thinking and reactions that have matched my own. 


You left me with a much needed feeling of hope. 


Stories such as yours teach us about ourselves, force us to look at circumstances from different perspectives and launch us forward on the paths that can be both painful and joyous. Thank you for helping me face my path.


I felt I could actually see the other characters in the room with you and interacting with you. The physicality of your performance was refreshing and compelling to watch.


“I absolutely loved your show.”


Location: this show is best seen in a small theatre, however, it has been performed in large classrooms and church meeting rooms.


Duration: the show lasts about 95 minutes with no intermission.


For further information and bookings:

contact Ben at or 808-724-1808.


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