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Monkey Waterfall

Monkey Waterfall Dance Theatre Company


Founded in 1990 by Ben Moffat and Yukie Shiroma, Monkey Waterfall explores the intersection between dance and theatre, using aspects of Asian and Western dance, theatre and storytelling. Masks, stilts and puppets are often used to create visually exciting performances. The company has won many awards and has performed and taught all over the world.


In Monkey and the Waterfall, the company’s signature piece, Ben performs on four stilts as the 9 foot tall waterfall, while Yukie is the tiny red monkey who wakes him up, climbs and rides him. 


The core of the company is made up of Ben, Yukie, and Michael Harada, who designs and builds the masks, props, and sets, as well as the promotional graphics. Other performers are hired for specific shows and residencies.

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